Angelus Leather Balm Cleaner, Conditioner, Polisher, Preserver

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Blend of waxes to clean & polish leather. It has been a working formula since 1907 and is ideal for all smooth leathers. It will make your leather soft and supple. It will not make it slick and is ideal for shoes, boots, handbags, saddlery, upholstery, jackets etc. Angelus Leather Balm will keep leather soft and supple and supply new life to dried out leathers.  


  1. Shake Well Before Using
  2. Brush Or Wipe Off Surface Dirt
  3. Apply A Small Amount To Soft Clean Cloth
  4. Rub Well Into Leather Using A Circular Motion
  5. Allow Leather Balm To Dry
  6. Polish With A Soft Brush Or Cloth.

* For Best Results Finish With A Soft To Remove Any Brush Marks.