Men's Georgia Boots Waterproof Lace-to-Toe Work Boots Black

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The Georgia Waterproof Lace-To-Toe Work Boot is an extremely durable boot that keeps water out.

Built with the Georgia Waterproof System, this boot stands up to rain and mud. Air gets in, but water can't. There's a 100 percent guarantee that your feet stay dry.

Durability, performance and comfort come from the exclusive low-heel Vibram® Lug outsole that resists abrasions, chemicals, heat, oils and metal chips.


Goodyear® welt construction enhances the lace-to-toe boot's strength and flexibility.There's also a steel shank for support and stability.

Comfort is not forgotten with this work boot. It has a removable polyurethane orthotic insert. The collar is fully-lined and padded.

An 8-inch boot, this footwear features full-grain black leather. The brush guard kiltie is removable. Solid stud hooks and eyelets set on steel washers add an extra touch of quality.


This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.

Georgia® Waterproof
Don't sweat it. Air gets in, even though water can't. Water can try to flow past this obstacle, but there's a 100% guarantee it won't. The Georgia Waterproof system comes equipped with a heavily fortified defense against water, because dry feet are happy feet.
  • Goodyear¬Æ welt construction
  • Georgia waterproof system
  • Vibram¬Æ; outsole
  • Full-grain leather
  • Steel shank
  • Solid stud hooks & eyelets set on steel washers - Will not pull out
  • TDC (Technology Driven Comfort) polyurethane insole
  • 8 Inches in height