Men's Stetson Biker Outlaw Eagle Boots Handcrafted Distressed Black

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Stetson boots reflects the same beliefs and traditions that made Stetson a part of America. Stetson Boots are known for their strong American roots and heritage. Stetson Boots are symbols of freedom - symbols of the West.

  • Handcrafted
  • Removable Harness
  • Black With Distressed Overlay
  • 13" Shaft * Outlaw Toe
  • Single Welt
  • All Rubber Sole
  • Stacked Heel
  • All Leather Lining
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Rubber Sole

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Bruce
Hand Distressed

I recently purchased a pair of Men's Stetson Outlaw Eagle Western biker harness boots from your e-store. When I received them I was kinda taken back by the fact that was very little if any hand distressing done to them but I saw that as an opportunity to do it my self. I used to be a design artist for a clothing and apparel company in downtown Dallas called MODA. It was a dark culture-alternative gothbindustrial,punk,metal and fetish store. I worked with all kinds of fabric and media including leather. On these boots I used 3 gradients of sand paper and a dremel rotary tool for fine line work and detail. I wish there was a way I could send pics. These boots are comfortable to wear as are my Stetson Scievers and I can't wait to wear them after I finish sealing them and water proofing what I did.

Don McCormick
Nice boots

They look great, get compliments all the time.

Jose Serna

Received damaged boots, not the right color, didn't even resemble the boots I had ordered. Returned boots and still waiting to get refunded.

Fernando Saldana Jr

Men's Stetson Biker Outlaw Eagle Boots Square Rocker Toe Handcrafted

Todd Daniel Waln
These boots effin rock.

Overall, an amazing pair of boots. I have worn nothing but boots on my feet since 1993, when I joined the Marines. Out of every pair of boots I have worn since that day, these are the most comfortable BY FAR. I purchased an insole set with the boots, and I look forward to putting my boots on every morning. They are that comfortable. So far they are holding up very well, I got a boot care kit with them also, and am taking care of them, I can tell they will last. The boots themselves: great stitch work, the distressed leather is just beautiful, amazing. The soles balance well and cushion each step perfectly. Size wise, they are snug as. New pair of boots should be, so that when they wear in they fit perfect. They only Con I can come up with for these boots, I would prefer a shorter, and broader toe, I am use to a square rocker toe with alittle less point on it. But even with that, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have owned, so I may be liking this rocker toe cut from here on out. Very impressed Stetson, very. If your thinking about getting a pair, go ahead, your five by five. You will not regret it. For the money, after owning a pair, I will pay full price for my next pair if they are not in sale without a qualm. Do your feet a favor, grab them a set of these.
Todd Daniel Waln